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The camera can either be a fly on the wall staring at a foreign reality, or a key to opening a dialogue that leads to deepened learning – a vehicle towards improved understanding.”

Heidi Lipsanen – Journalist, Founder of Moscas Productions


NOTE: Moscas Productions is currently less active in the production of content due to other commitments.


Do you need help digging deeper into a subject you wish to explore visually? Or are you seeking a compelling concept for your promo or campaign video? I can help you turn your initial ideas into great stories and doable audiovisual projects that stick to the budget.


Shooting with professional gear, editing and fine-tuning the creative product is at the core of passionate filmmaking. I do everything from shooting documentaries and capturing company events to innovatively converting the resulting visual puzzle into a convincing digital product with a crew of experienced colleagues when needed.


Love for languages feeds my enthusiasm for classic print and online journalism. I explore social and political topics and turn my findings into well-researched articles or reports in Finnish or English. Many times a promo or campaign video requires words as companions. Let me help you think your message through.


Often pictures tell more than words. They play a vital part in both journalism and marketing and are essential for the creation of a digital identity. My SLR camera travels with me wherever I go so that I can offer my clients the full package.