The Company

Moscas Productions grew out of Heidi Lipsanen’s passion for telling stories with the unique power of images from different corners of the world. Since 2004 the company has been producing journalistic reports, documentaries and promo and campaign videos from over a dozen countries including Brazil, Bolivia, Mexico, Colombia, USA, Sweden, India, Turkey, Tanzania and Indonesia.

Special attention to storytelling characterises our promo and event videos for organizations, companies, government entities and private individuals. Over the years the company has collaborated especially with the development and cultural sector.

Moscas Productions has been praised for its humane approach that opens doors and allows audiences to experience new realities and discover differing perspectives through professional journalistic videos.

The Journalist

I have been working as a journalist and video producer for over 10 years. A great deal of my work has been produced abroad and broadcast by the Finnish Broadcasting Company. Journeyman Pictures and Java Films have distributed some of my video pieces and documentaries worldwide.

I am rather a generalist when it comes to news beats. Human rights, immigration, political and social reporting are all close to my heart. What I enjoy most are topics at the intersection of different fields that require deciphering political and economic realities, cultural norms and the effects of globalization.

After 10 years I returned to university and completed a Masters in Journalism and Politics at the Columbia Journalism School in New York in 2015.

In 2016 I completed the Documentary Campus Master School which specialises in international documentary co-productions.

Besides traveling and learning languages, my passions are yoga and vegetarian cooking.

Have a look at my resumé.

Heidi Lipsanen