Playing around with Phantom 2 Vision +

Today we tested the Phantom 2 Vision + drone. Although it does neither produce 4K images like the newcomer Phantom 3, nor has it got the best possible sensors like the MicroFour Thirds cameras that fly on DJI’s Inspire 1 rig, it is a great little drone to experiment with for those who are not that used to drones yet.

It was great to see how conveniently the drone worked through a wifi connection and an Iphone. You could follow the image and move the lens angle from the remote control. Although it was at times windy, the image was surprisingly stable thanks to the stabilizer. The only issue was the sound. We were trying the drone out above a golf course and it was hard to be invisible for the players and not to disturb them with the propel noise.

Unfortunately the sky was too cloudy for perfect drone shots, so for this video below we used material that was filmed months before on the same drone.