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Skewed sex ratio pushes men to share wives with their brothers in North-India.

Coca reigns despite peace

In the remote hills of Antioquia, Colombia, the FARC are gone but coca bushes have attracted new drug lords to take over the cocaine business. A visit to Finlandia, the estate two hours on horse back from the closest roads, YLE.


Cuteness culture persists in Japan. As the doll-like gyarus become mothers, they turn into trend-setters for mothers’ and kids’ fashion.(In Finnish/Japanese)

World Cup Fever?

A few days before the start of the World Cup we travel around in Rio and look for soccer fever.

Allahabad’s Kumbh Mela 

The world’s biggest religious festival on the shores of India’s holy Ganges River receives tens of millions of visitors every 12 years when it is celebrated.

Revolution & Tourism

How the Abduction of Two Presidents Affected Egypt’s Tourism Industry.

Soccer and Superstition

When it comes to soccer, Brazilians take their superstitious beliefs seriously.


Venezuela’s ‘butt-lift’ boom

The South American country is facing political and economic crises. But neighbours from the south are bringing new business in a surprising way, BBC.

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New bum, boobs and self esteem for a bargain price

Brazilians travel to Venezuela where economic crisis has lowered the prices of plastic surgery, YLE.

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The Swing Legend

A mini documentary on Harlem’s Lindy Hop master Sonny Allen ‘15

The Young and the Brave: Eulalia

Portrait of a young Colombian activist who tries to keep slum children off the criminal path and helps the elderly refugees of the internal conflict to reconstruct their identities through the rediscovery of memories.

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Love or Rape?

The murder and gang rape of an Indian student in December 2012 caused outrage around the world. But, as this film shows, the underlying causes for violence against women in India will be difficult to overcome.

The World Cup Gamble

A few months before the FIFA World Cup Brazilians await the mega event with mixed feelings.

The Bolivian Doctrine

A current affairs docu-report about the attempts by the first socialist indigenous president Evo Morales to change and indigenize the education system in Bolivia.

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Organic Milk Truck

The Indian NGO pays a fare price to the nomadic, buffalo-herding Van Gujjars for their milk and happy customers get organic, chemical-free milk everyday.

Morogoro’s Entrepreneur Women 

How have the women from Lundi village benefitted from the business course financed by the Finnish Evangelic Lutheran Mission? (In Swedish)

Rehabilitating Al Jahili Fort

Following the turning of an old archeological site into a cultural center in UAE.


A NGO campaign video for a water project in Tanzania.

Web Videos

Marcelo Ramos runs the first specialist beer bistro in one of Rio’s notorious favelas.

Rio’s dancing street cleaner is the face of the olympic capital.

A photographer fights against gentrification in Rio de Janeiro’s oldest favela.

Graffiti artist Eduardo Kobra paints the world’s biggest graffiti art work for the Rio Olympics.